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Built-ins and custom personalized use of space
Maple Hill Builders knows the reason why the book industry took off in the early 1900's was because of architects. Homes began filling with books because architects, and builders, began designing creating built-in bookshelves and book cases and homeowners began filling their homes with books.

Closets soon followed and homeowners looked at the space within their homes and cottages differently. Today they want an efficient and organized look in their homes and are looking for new and creative ways to add entertainment centers, and productivity spaces in the home office. And we create and produce those ideas into custom built-ins to fit their living space.

Others want plenty of shelves, nooks and crannies to display their art and personal treasures. They create their own visual masterpieces simply by arranging the items they love. Some are on open shelves, while others are kept behind glass-doored cabinets.

At Maple Hill Builders we look at your living space differently. We know every inch of space within your home or cottage is valuable to you, and it has to count. We work with you to create custom built-ins to use your space in the most practical and even extravagant ways possible.

We invite you to contact us - let's talk about what would make your living spaces more usable for your lifestyle. Take a few minutes and explore our photos and customer testimonials that we've gathered for you. We want to provide you with a "snapshot's glimpse" into the variety of custom built-ins Maple Hill Builders has completed. On budget and within deadline!

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